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Hello only times:)

I wanted to now tell you just that I find it totally to super that you are here on my own side.

In principle is valid:  

- Here the live Cam is cheaper than differently where

- Here have I always tone in the live Cam

- Videos and pictures are more favorable than somewhere differently!

- Here I also always write back and as the first


I will answer once a few frequently asked questions now here to you!



Why do I have to register myself?


The registration serves only for the fact that you have a its own user account here on my side! So that I white who me writes and who you are, the moreover you have many advantages, you can in special campaigns participate and get a small even free of charge clip of me! Simply if you are registered on my purchases click!



Me does a registration cost money?


No, a registration is not you has obligations, no subscription no hidden to cost perfectly free of charge, also your data is strictly confidentially treated. You can look around thus perfectly without risk here!

You can decide also whether you assets to load here would like or not!  



Can it happen that without my agreement money is deducted?


No naturally not, something like that will never happen to you with me! Besides you must add each action those with money have, confirm aimed!



Do I get advertisement oh directing? 


I will send away now and then a few newsletter, actions, live Camzeiten and pictures! Which also always remains you on the current.

You can also deliver yourself however completely fast with a click! Then you are promote-oh-directed received at no time any!  



Live Cams and videos visit like functioned that?


First once you need assets on yours creditskonto find you right at the top!

My livecam 100Credits per minute corresponds is called 100 Credits corresponds euro (1,00€)

Your assets remain for you a life long and will never purge! You can use it in such a way here as you would like!

You are not involved also with one buy any further obligations, if you buy only once are also totally okay for me!



How do I come at assets?


In the menu you find above the point „to assets load “there can you then different options select. Thereby the TÜV concerns checked and completely respectable is payment methods!

The data are anonymous treated to 100 percent!

Like for example:

Credit card: You pay completely normally with your VISAS, Mastercard uvm.

 Online banking/immediately transfer: You pay very easy by online banking.

→Telephone/mobile phone: Your assets are loaded by call per minute. The loaded assets are credited by a code during the call to you immediately! You pay then simply only your mobile phone bill/phone bill!

→Clickandbuy: You can use here problem-free

→Paysafecard: Something like a Amazon coupon is! You erhälst it in many business, gas stations, kiosk or also online etc. usually gets one these maps directly at the cashier! Thus you can have to indicate here to deposit without any data of you! Because are on the Internet used paysafecards for many payments!

→Advance payment/transfer: You transfers simply your amount to my account yours credits get you then 2-3 days later here well written


On your bank account does not appear also always a neutral text in such a way receives which we both in such a way floats here. On your deduction appears „“  more not!



What costs my live Cam?


My live Cam costs the minute to 1,00€ and is always natural with tone and FSK 18: P

In addition, in addition many bonuses actions come, so that we have still more time together!

In addition, there is a private-chat, if you liked to have me completely alone!



How often can I look at bought videos?


A life long naturally



What am I to make, if I problems with that view from live Cam or has videos?


That can have several causes, a too hard stopped virus program that blocks erotism sides.

Also it can be a browser the Plugin that to play the videos prevented!

Something like that occurs usually however very very rarely!!

My hint just the browser change, I can to you Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommend.



What means the tension adjuster mode?


If you clicked on “my LiveCam” and you see far down then only “tension adjuster mode to start”, means that

I at present with someone else went into privately the chat. You cannot see me however you can anything write

and nothing hear! Control room then simply a few minutes to I from that private chat again back is. Except you want naturally

when tension adjusters thereby its, then you may also remain! The price for the tension adjuster chat amounts to also 100 Credits thus 1,00€ those Minute!



What am I to make for problems?


If you have a problem, contact that Support simply by message and parts with which you have for a problem!

You find the support form here

Usually erhälst you in the next 24 hours an answer.


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