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We both arrange us for a private chat at an individual time, which pleases you and me well. The planned private chat should take at least 10 minutes, so that a date arrangement is worthwhile itself. The chat takes place here on the homepage! During a private chat we can play unusual role playing games, realize special fetishes, or chat also simply only nicely and become acquainted with us unimpaired. Outfit desires are naturally possible, or I groan to your names, while I procure it to me hardcore. Nearly everything is feasible.

After which you bought the article, we speak directly off around your personal date to reserve itself.

The 40 EUROS GET YOU DIRECT BEFORE the CHAT IN THE FORM OF CREDITS CREDITED, which you can use for the private chat. This shop article serves as bail and is to only guarantee that I do not wait in vain for you. ;)

Dates can be called off up to 24 h before again, I write you the complete bail simply in the form of Credits again well.

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darkwhitedevil wrote 3 Jahre ago:

Es hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen. Ich kann kaum das nächste Mal abwarten. Das kann man nur jedem empfehlen. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall bald wieder machen.

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